The most advanced, proven and effective natural therapies to detox, invigorate, and relax body and soul.

At Ageless Cocoons Spa and wellness centers our staff of professional estheticians we provide you an innovative therapies that will help you look and feel younger from the first visit in our state of the art facilities, healing you from the inside to the outside.

We will first evaluate your necessities and physical condition to elaborate a treatment plan. Then combining the treatments that better suits your condition we’ll provide the most advanced natural technology  to heal your mind, body and soul.

The name of Ageless Cocoons come from the treatments that wrap or immerse your body in a microclimate, these cocoons are:

Cryotherapy: to help you grow muscles, relief joint’s pain, back pain, burn calories and fat, stimulating blood circulation that helps with varicose veins, depression, fibromyalgia,  and boost your energy with an explosion of endorphins that will also help you livid.

Thalassotherapy:  to detoxify with mud or green tea, to firm and energize with seaweed, or just to enjoy the pleasure of the chocolate endorphins this ancient greek therapy of hot steam and cold water will therapeutically relax and detoxify you.

Halotherapy “Salt Cocoon”: to help you with respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Allergies, Sinusitis, Smokers Cough, Snoring; and skin problems such as Dermatitis and Psoriasis trough a exposure of Himalayan Salt mist.

We also offer other better known treatments such as Lipocell Crio to eliminate located fat hard to get rid off through regular exercises. Reductive or Therapeutic Massages  to help reduce sizes, to relax, or to treat sore muscles.

The Radio frequency is a must to reverse the passage of time activating the collagen in your skin; it will rejuvenate, tighten your skin, conceals sagging, and removes cellulite and stretch marks.